Encore Music Reviews


Encore Music Reviews
August 2005
Written by Kris Asher

Soundtrack for the Lonely: Don de Leaumont at Port City Java

There must be something in the water in the Durham, Chapel-Hill area that breeds many folk singers and singer/songwriters (not necessarily the same thing, although many people have already lost the distinction).

The town is overflowing with these performers, and with such an overabundance, there are bound to be too many of them who just can’t make the cut. Usually, it’s because they lack creativity, heart and/or originality.

Fortunately for us, here in Wilmington, it’s usually the ones who have something new to say, or a new way to say it, who end up making their way to entertain us; such is the case with Don de Leaumont.

As his website states, “he is a traditional soul in a modern world, always looking for ways to bring the two together in a melting pot of heart, soul and pure fun.” For a lesser-known musician, a statement like that would cause me to roll my eyes. But if you have the artistic merit to back up such words, then kudos. Don de Leaumont deserves such praise.

Hailing from Atlanta, Don made his debut performance on Valentine’s Day in 1998 . Though originally a Georgian, he has made himself at home in Durham since his early performances in 2000, with many of his publicity photos and lyrics referring to the North Carolina setting.

A look at his archived set list (from 1998 to present) shows his range, with a large list of originals, as well as covers by Dylan, Phish, Pink Floyd and John Prine to name just a few. Not many people seem to cover John Prine (a true legend in my eyes) and that, to me, reveals his true scope and dedication to his music.

His new album, This Train’s A Comin’, is “a soundtrack for the lonely, the loved, the settled, the wandering and all in between” (I always believe in letting the musician speak for him/ herself when the words say it so well). Every song is as good as the other, so it’s pointless to pick out favorites. Check him out, though, and you may discover your own.

He is currently touring through Wilmington on Saturday, August 6th to play at Port City Java (the 21 N. Front St. location). Don performs two sets, from 8-11pm He will have a limited number of advance copies of his yet-to-be released album to attendees.